Are your children running in and out of the house or are your pets tracking in mud? If so, Anderson's Cleaning & Restoration carpet protector may be the answer for you. Carpet protector can help increase carpet longevity and help your carpet resist any major day to day accidents. Whether you track dirt into the house or have an occasional drink spill, carpet protector can help prevent these staining agents from soaking into the carpet or getting imbedded in between the fibers. If you have yet to use a carpet protector, make sure to ask the Anderson's Cleaning & Restoration team to apply this before they leave!

Why You Should Use Carpet Protector:

    • Reduces permanent stains
    • Helps save your traffic areas from becoming destroyed
    • Makes spots easier to remove
    • Makes your next professional cleaning more effective
    • Helps avoid costly service calls
    • Makes fabrics last longer
    • Will not change hue or color of the fabric
    • Will not change the "feel" of the fabric
    • Will not cause color change when dry