Eleven Step Cleaning Process:

Pre-Inspection and Pick Up:

Anderson’s will come to your home to pick up your rug. We will determine its fiber content, identify the rug to determine any cleaning considerations and inspect for pre-existing conditions. Then, we will check for colorfastness and choose the best cleaning method for your area rug.

Dry Soil Removal:

This is the most important step in cleaning any textile. Our vacuum & a special machine shake loose dust and particulates that lay deep in the rug.


Depending on fiber content and soiling type, the rug will be pre-treated to emulsify the soils. At this time, a urine bath treatment may be needed if rug has any pet issues.

Pre-Spot and Fringe Preparation:

Any potential spots or odors will be pre-treated with special solutions to increase chances of removal. The fringe is also pre-treated for maximum soil removal.

Cleaning Process:

Most rugs are cleaned with a wet clean process in a rug pit or by a dry clean process that is especially designed to get maximum cleaning while protecting sensitive natural fibers.

Rinse or Wash:

Depending on the type of rug it will be rinsed with extraction equipment on both sides or rinsed in a wash pit designed especially for area rug cleaning.

Ph Neutralizer/Groom:

This conditioner is applied as a light mist. The rug is groomed post-cleaning using a special nap brush to set the pile in one direction which aids in drying and gives the rug a better visual look once dry. We hand comb the fringes which enhances the beauty of the rug.

Apply Protection:

We apply protector on all our area rugs we clean. This will protect your valuable rug from general dirt and grime as well as water-based or oil-based stains. After the protector is applied, liquids will bead up on the surface rather than soak in so they can be easily blotted up and dirt particles will not cling to the rug’s fibers.

Speed Dry:

Once the soil is rinsed away, the rug is dried flat or hung to dry in a controlled environment with air movement. Proper drying is essential to avoid unnatural shrinkage.


Your rug will be wrapped in brown craft paper to protect it from dust and environmental soils until it is picked up or delivered.

Post Inspection and Delivery:

We will give the rug a final inspection and release it for delivery. Upon delivery, we will lay the rug for you.