Dear Mr. & Ms. Anderson,

We wanted to write to let you know how much we appreciate the job that you did on our kitchen floor. We are so pleased with the results.

We want to give you a little background on what we went through up to this point in trying to get our floor cleaned. We installed the ceramic tile in our kitchen about 7 years ago. This was the first time doing this type of job, so we learned as we went. We were advised to put a certain type of sealer down that we know now was not the best choice. The sealer did not protect our grout lines at all. We have a very light, almost white grout that shows everything. Well, over the years the grout was no longer white, it was dingy looking. Over the last few years we have had several companies come out to try to clean it, but with no success. We even had someone come out to color it, but they stated they couldn't get through the sealer that was on the grout. Some of these other companies even told us that they would try and find something that would work, but none of them ever called us back. Finally we found you and what a difference of service! You came out to our home and attempted to clean under your normal procedures, but did not get the results that you wanted or that we wanted. You decided to try and find out if there was any product out there that would possibly work, and you found it. You told us that you loved a challenge and you were determined to get our floor clean, and you did just that.

We cannot express how appreciative we are for your hard work and determination. Our floor looks as good as the first day we put it in. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone, and we will. Thanks again and we will be calling you to keep up the maintenance on our kitchen floor and to get our carpets cleaned.

Mr. & Ms. Jackson

Happy Customers

I love doing business locally but it isn't always possible due to quality or price issues. What a pleasure to find local, family owned business that exceeds expectations on service with a very competitive price.

Crestview, Fl

Anderson's is a family run business (which we like) who are very considerate of their customers. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. They are very friendly and we would recommend them to everyone. " A wonderful job on our carpets!"

Mr. & Ms. Daniel

Steve and his son worked so well together- explaining every step of service! I appreciate your friendly and courteous service.

Ms. Davidson

Thank you so much for all your extra time, effort and willingness to meet our needs! We also enjoyed meeting your family. Y'all are such a delight! Continue the Awesome work!

Tom & JK

We have tried other rug cleaners, like the Rug Doctor and Kirby Carpet Cleaner, but nothing compares to the finished results we get when Anderson's does the job. We were fortunate to use their company first, because we have heard nightmares about some other carpet cleaning companies.

The Arroyo's

What I really loved about the technicians was everything they did, they told me and explained every step they took. They let me know what different things were and what they were used for, like getting up some of the stains I had.

Ms. Westbrooks

I hated going into my bedroom before Steve came to clean our carpets. We have had other companies come before and it always looked the same. Because our animals would get sick in our room, our carpets looked horrible. But now it is beautiful and I go in with a smile!

Crestview, Fl

With two dogs and a toddler, our carpet was dirty, to say the least. Steve and his son did a fantastic job cleaning it and it looks and feels wonderful and clean!


You've done a wonderful job. We were very pleased. Thank you!

Heather & Jimmy

I am so thrilled to have had my carpets cleaned by Anderson's. Brandon & Michael did a wonderful job & exceeded my expectations!

Crestview Client

I would recommend this company to anyone. I was very impressed with the professionalism and courtesy.

Ms. Darlene

The cleaning I took as an investment. I was considering removing the carpet for tile to save me the hard work I was doing to be rid of pet stains & odors.
Now I don't have to!! It is a money saver!!!!

Crestview Client